Why do we do it?

I have not fished in what seems a coons age. I am sitting at the computer going through all the places I want to fish in the upcoming year and the list has doubled in the last five minutes. Some nights it interrupts my sleep. Sickness? Maybe! Obsession? Absolutely!! It’s funny, us fly fisherman have all kinds of sayings that to me sound trite, “A bad fishing is better than a good day at work”. At least with me, that is bologna! I love my job and I hate having bad days fishing. Do I make the best of bad day fishing? Of course I do, but when it comes down to it, I want, no, I need to catch fish. That is why I go fishing. I get rather testy if I go fishing and I get skunked. Another one I hear is, “I don’t care if I catch fish, I just like being on the water”. This again to me, is bologna! Same reason above.

Now let me backtrack a bit. I love fishing because I love catching fish, the bigger the better, but half of a fishing trip is the planning with friends. I enjoy sitting on my toon in the middle of the lake with a couple buddy’s talking and joking around. There is something cathartic about that. I enjoy sitting around the campfire jawing with my friends. I love sitting around the table tying flies and jawing with friends. I love driving to the lake and seeing elk and deer. I love watching an osprey hunting over the lake. I love the sending of fish pictures back and forth when we get back from the trip. I love driving to the lake and telling stories for the 100th and they act as if they either had never heard it or they were actually there even if they weren’t.

Like I said, fishing is obsession. As you can tell, I have a great time even if I don’t catch a fish, but I’ll┬átell you what, I have a way better time if I catch a fish, bigger the better.

Can you tell I need to go fishing?