Two out of Three

I was able to hit Silver Creek two weekends out of three. This time I met my friends Jon and Herve there. We started fishing around 7:30am on Saturday. Weather reports were for strong winds. Every now and then a blind pig finds an acorn and this time the weather reports were spot on, damnit!! Fishing was pretty tough, long waits between tugs. We all caught 8-10 fish apiece. This trip, all they would eat were chamois worms and white leeches, at least for me. Jon was able to land several on a SOS fly. We only caught a few apache trout this trip. Most of our bows were between 18-22″, with Herve landing one of the big guys. Not sure of the length or weight as he stayed an hour after I left and of course that is when he caught it. Despite the wind, the company made our trip amazing. Thank you gentlemen. Here are a few pictures from our day.