San Juan Trip

San Juan Trip
Just made a quick trip to the San Juan with my buddy Steve. Fished on the 13th and 14th. The flows had just dropped from 4000cfs and got to 800cfs the day before we got there. I had a feeling the fishing would be decent but was not expecting lights out fishing. Unfortunately, I was correct. Still caught lots of fish but the fish were still pretty spread out. They are having some really good midge hatches around 10am and another in the late afternoon. I am not a fan of fishing single adult midges so I just tossed on an ant pattern. Had a blast both evenings catching fish on top.  We covered a good chunk of river over the two days we were there. We fished up at the cable hole the first morning, then around Texas Hole, up the main channel, into the braids then down around the kiddie hole.
The second day we fished around lunker alley, the lower flats and then below the Texas Hole. There really was not one pattern the fish were keying on. My best pattern, besides the ant was a size 20 CDC RS2. I caught one or two fish on 10 other patterns. I am expecting them to start keying on more specific pattern soon though.
I met a young man from Phoenix that is on one of the Arizona fly fishing forums and fished with him for a day and a half. It was a pleasure fishing with you Colton. For someone that that has been fishing for a relatively short time, you have some mad skillz. Thanks for hanging with us old dudes.
Colton getting it done a few days later. Caught this 22″ brown on a red larvae in the Baetis Bend area! Congrats buddy!
I also met up with my old friend Jude, that I knew back in my guiding days on the Juan. It was great catching up and retelling old stories and reminiscing. We have not fished together since 2005 but it was like we had been fishing together everyday. It was great meeting his friend Keith as well.
This trip, like most trips, will be remembered for the old and new friends that I was able to spend time with. Don’t get me wrong, the fishing is important, but a year from now, or five years from now, it won’t be the fishing that I remember, but the jokes and stories and time spent with friends that will be remembered. The fish are remembered by the photos, the time with friends will be deeply embedded in my memories and no one can take that away. Thanks gents for a great trip.