Montana Trek

BIG SKY COUNTRY!!! Yep, they call it that for good reason. First off I want to thank my wife for giving me her blessing for going on this trip, second, I want to thank my good friend Steve, for setting up and making this voyage possible.

Having had a week to look back upon our trip, my view has changed several times. My feelings throughout the first few days of the trip was that of disappointment, well, a little. We started off on the Madison River. Having had a great fishing trip there once before, I went with high hopes of lots of fish. Well, it just didn’t happen. Over a day and a half, I was able to scratch out a whopping two fish. I was disappointed to say the least. I was still having a blast but the fishing was just off. Was it me, was I doing something wrong? or was it just the conditions. I talked to a lot of people on the river and the fishing was just not quite there. It was hot and crowded and the fish were pouting or something.

We decided to try something completely different and headed back into Idaho for some small stream fishing. It was so quiet and serene and hardly saw a soul out there. Water levels seemed to right on, so we were excited. We fished small streams over a large area of Idaho and landed a bunch of fish, some really quality fish. The first stream we fished, my first three fish were a cutthroat, a brookie and rainbow. A stream grand slam in the first 15 minutes. We fished several sections of 3 streams over the course of 4 days and did not pass another fisherman on the water the entire time. The solitude was amazing. Steve and I told a bunch of stories that we both had heard many times, but under the circumstances, it was like it was being told for the first time.

This summer has been a stressful summer, trying to build a house, my school closing down and trying to find another teaching position, made this a tough summer. This trip was the perfect elixir for what ailed me. On day two of my trip, I got a call and was offered a great teaching position at a school that is five minutes from my house. The stress inexplicably went away!!!!

I would have to say one of the highlights of the trip was on this nice stretch of a small stream. Water looked great, nice depth, perfect speed, easy casting, looked like the stars lined up perfectly. Steve was nice enough to give me first shot. I tossed an elk hair caddis into this riffle, a nose came out of the water, line went tight and the fish went nuts. It is not often that a fish in a small stream makes your reel scream, but this guy did. A couple minutes later, I was holding a nice 18 inch fine spotted cutthroat. Amazing fish! We did not catch a pile of fish out of any of the streams we fished, but certainly enough to keep us interested.

On our final day of fishing we went to the South Fork of the Boise River, one of my old haunts when I lived there. They had a huge fire and some horrendous flooding on the river a couple of years ago that changed the river a lot. I had not seen it since the fire and I was kind of nervous to see the effects. The flows were up due to irrigation needs and the water was big. I really was not sure we would find a place to fish from shore but we did. The main reason for the visit was so I could see the river from the dam to Danskin, but we decided to wader up and see if we could scratch out a few. I landed two nice rainbows and I was more than satisfied. We saw some fish and some really big fish so it appears to me the river is doing ok. It has changed a bunch and many of the old places we fished are no longer fishable. Steve and I had a favorite area we used to fish a lot, it is now a shadow of it’s previous self. Very disappointing as it was a beautiful area that held a lot of really nice. But I guess change is inevitable.

So that is my trip in a nutshell I came back to Cottonwood with a renewed vigor and I am now ready to tackle a new teaching opportunity. Thanks for reading and I hope my write up did our trip justice. Enjoy the pictures.











SFB bow