Going to Pyramid

Pyramid 2010 019As many of you know, Pyramid lake is one of my favorite places to fish. I know it is for many of you as well. Catching huge fish is always the goal, but over the years I come to the conclusion that what I look forward to is hanging out with good friends, letting my hair down and just relaxing and having a great time. Standing on a ladder fishing all day seems strange, but Pyramid is one of those places where you can fish 15 feet from a stranger all day and make a new friend. Crowding is never an issue, it is almost expected and accepted. This year I am going with Charles, Chris, Ken, Dana and Greg. It is going to be an exceptional trip. Hoping my buddy Merc and Iron Mike will be able to join us as well. Will be there for 6 nights and five days of fishing. Hoping at least one of us catches a 10+lber. There have been reports and many 20+lbers caught since October 1st, wouldn’t that be something if one of us caught one of them. Here are a few pics from past trips. Enjoy!







Pyramid 09 016

Pyramid 09 041

Pyramid 09 050

Pyramid 2010 027Pyramid 2010 038Pyramid 2010 047