Birhday trip

Yesterday my buddy Mark and I hit up one of our favorite trout ponds in Northern Arizona. He picked me up at 5:30am and after an obligatory stop for coffee we hit the road. 90 minutes later we were inflating our toons. After almost a month of above average temps, it was nice to have to wear a jacket. We got on the water and after 30 minutes Mark was on the board for the 4th or 5th time and I was wondering if I had forgotten how to fish. That old “man I suck” thought came to my head, then bam, Paulito was on the board. Damsel nymphs were the ticket as was Marks tried and true Naked Lady fly. Fishing was never off the charts good, but was steady until we went to grab some lunch around noon. Charles showed up around 11am and first fish was a nice 13″ grayling. Mark landed a nice 19″ brown right before lunch as well. Weather was windy and temps were cool all day but what a great way to spend my birthday. No clue how many fish we landed and it really did not matter. Most of the fish were between 11-13″ and a nice mix of brookies and rainbows. On the way out I told Mark that I used to see turkey right in this spot when I was in college, on cue, we rounded the corner and there was a flock of turkey, 8 of them, right were I said they used to be. Great way to end the day. Mark and Charles, thank you for taking me and out and spending my birthday with me. A day I will not soon forget!