Becker lake and Big lake

It has been quite awhile since I have gone on an overnight fishing trip so I felt the need to get out and do that. Freeman luck has been sparse lately, lost job and a host of other things so I needed to get out and clear the cobwebs. Charles and I met up at 5am on Sunday and headed to Becker lake. We had a nice leisurely drive and some McDonalds dog food and shot the bull for 4 hours. We got on the water and Chasmo proceeded to kick my ass. There are some donkeys in Becker and he proceeded to introduce himself to several of them. It is not all about the numbers, I know this, but when you are outfished 7 or 8 to 1, you start questioning your manhood. Finally hooked one, manhood reestablished, but just barely. Was a great day on the water and was tired from fighting the wind so we called it a day. We drove to my favorite restaurant only to find it closed. Found another one that made a decent chimichanga with green sauce so I was happy. Head hit the pillow at 9pm and we actually slept in until 7am.

Off to big lake. We saw a boatload of deer and elk on the way over including a nice lone bull. I have not driven this section of the white mountains since the big Wallow fire in 2011 so was pleased to see lots of new growth. The elk and deer were thick in the burn area which was cool. We got on the water at Big lake around 9am and 5 minutes after getting in our toons, the wind kicked up. The wind blew until we got off the water at 4pm. We decided to wait awhile and see if it would abate and it finally did around 5:30. Fishing was slow all day although I did manage to catch a 17″ and 20″ cutthroat which was an added bonus. Fishing was slow but we both managed to catch a few nice trout. we found cell signal and found out the fave restaurant in Springerville was open so we headed on down. Another fine chimichanga was on the menu for Paulito and Chasmo.

We got up early yesterday and gave Becker another shot on the way out of town. Fishing was certainly better with some nice fish to hand. Best part was just getting away and spending some time with a good friend and spending some time in the white mountains. All the problems of life disappeared for a couple days so I am now ready to hit the job search trail again.

Few pics this trip and none of yours truly, but in reality, that is probably a good thing.

This is what a dropped 20″ rainbow looks like! and then a picture of nice fat bow.