Arizona Spring Creek

Hit up Silver Creek with my buddy Mike on Saturday. We took off from my place at 3:50 and landed at the creek at 7:15, just as the sun was rising. We hoped to be the first in the lot, but there was already 4 rigs in the lot. Damnit! Silver Creek also known as the ditch, is right on a fish hatchery. Special regs. from Oct. 1st thru the end of April (I think). C& R during that time with single barbless hooks. It is a slow meandering stream and the Game and Fish tosses in a ton of brood stock bows and tons of 12″ apache trout. We fished the lower section for about 4 hours and we both landed a few 18″ cookie cutter rainbows. Around lunch time we proceeded to the upper river where the stocking takes place. We figured it would be too crowded and would not get a spot, reminds me salmon fishing in some of the popular rivers in Alaska. When we got up there was 9 fisherman fishing the small section we wanted to fish. There happened to be a spot open so we slipped in. I could see 15-20 big fish swimming around in the murky depths, some around 30″ long. Mike and I both hooked into one of the submarines but both came off. We both landed many rainbows around 18-19″ long and lots of foot long apaches. Was a beautiful day weather wise and we had a really fun time. Lots of really cool people fishing with stupid and willing fish. Next time I hope we land one of the bruisers. To quote my friend Ryan, “It’s good to visit the whore house from time to time.”


Silver Creek with IM1 Silver Creek with IM2