A Week of Bigguns-Pyramid 2016

pmid30You know how sometimes you build up a trip with such high expectations that no matter what you do, you come home disappointed? Well this trip was not it. We had seen many reports in the prior month and we were expecting lights out fishing. We landed around noon on Friday and hit the beach. Weather reports for the next two days looked awful. Saturday was sustained winds of 40mph, gusting to 60mph, Sunday was sustained 50mph, gusting to 80mph. Of course we thought that was over-stated. Well…not really. I have fished in wind before, but this was absolutely nuts. We were getting pelted by sand 50 yards from the beach and with the wind at our backs, we were still getting wet from the vortex that built up in front of us and and the water drops would levitate up our ladders into our face! A motor home had it’s roof ripped off and all it’s cabinets with it, on Sunday night. They had official reports of a couple of gusts over 100mph. But we braved through it.


I know, fishing from a ladder!! Whodda thunk it!





Dana braving the elements




Chris getting out of the elements for a few.

A little bit about our crew! From top to bottom, this crew was crazy! Period! Amen! Crazy! But that is a good thing. Our initial group consisted of Chris, Charles, Ken and myself. We were lucky enough that a couple buddy’s of mine were also going at the same time and they were in need of 4 guys to fill their unit at Crosby’s. So glad we found that out. Dana, Greg and JD filled out our group! It has been a long time since I laughed so much. Like I said these guys were crazy so it was a perfect fit.


Hey JD, give that fish a drink of water!

Fishing on Saturday and Sunday was slow but we all managed to catch a few fish. Kind of funny, but those days we fished Windless Bay, so much for names eh? Spirits were still high as weather reports for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were much better. They predicted 15-25 on Monday and Tuesday, and basically calm on Wednesday.




Ken with an average Pyramid trout (Awesome average fish)

We fished the North nets on Monday, were the first ones to the beach so got the prime location. The nets filled up quickly. Fishing was just stupid good. Chris landed the first big fish of the trip, a bruiser of Lahontan cutty, around 14 lbs or so. Charles was up to bat next with a tank of 13lber, followed by Charles again with a 10lber.


Look at the shoulders on that fish!


Chris getting in on the hawg catching!


Paulito’s turn.

For those of you that are not familiar with Pyramid lake, double digit fish are what we all shoot for, what we dream of, what we obsess about. This was Chris’s first trip there and already in the double digit club. Ken has 3-4 as does Charles. Prior to this trip I had caught 4 over 10lbs. Is it because we are such astute fly fisherman? Is it because we have the perfect cast and presentation? or are just plain lucky? I believe it is the latter! I know some really good sticks that have several trips under their belt and have not cracked that magic 10lb mark. No good reason why a shlub like me catches a few and a great fisherman does not. I’ll take dumb luck anyday!


Another big one


And another

As I stated before, Monday and Tuesday were off the hook, (pardon the pun), more like on the hook. Now mind you, the fish congregate around the north nets like crazy, but when the smallest fish you catch over the course of 6 days of fishing is 18″, it gets darn tiring. It seemed like one of us was hooked up to a fish, non-stop, from 7am-5pm. We had a few quadruples and many doubles and triples throughout the day. It was just insane! A couple of us had 10 fish by 9am, so counting fish was a waste of time, usually is in my opinion.


The color on some of these fish is amazing!

The last day was perfect conditions, that is if you want a calm, warm and sunny day. Terrible conditions or pyramid lake. We all scratched out a few fish. The highlight of my day was when I thought I hooked into one of the legendary Pilot Peak strain 20+lbers. It is rare you get pulled into your backing when lake fishing, but I was 100 yards into my backing real quick. The rest of the fight was reeling in 10 feet, fish takes 5 feet, reel in 10, fish takes 5. 20 minutes later I had a nice 10lb cutty in the net with a size 12 hook in his tail. It is not often a person is disappointed with a 10lb fish, but I kind of was. But the fact I landed it when he had all the leverage is awesome!


Pyramid lake 2016 was a trip for the books. We fished in some of the worst winds possible, had slow days, amazing days, and ate some amazing food, (Thank you Charles, Ken, Chris, Dana, Greg, and JD), and had a fantastic time. Until next time!!