2014 Bites the Dust

2014 was one of those years where I ask myself, “Was this a good year?” After thinking long and hard, I would say it was. We finally sold our house in Cornville. It has been an elephant on our back for 4 years and it finally sold. We also bought a piece of property on the edge of town and are in the very early stages of design for our “dream” home. It will not be the palatial palace we have always dreamed of, but we will make it our home and it does not have to be fancy to be a home. Man cave will be moved into the garage! Our health is good and we are not out on the street, so I guess you can say we had a decent year.

Fishing was just ok this year. Had a good trip to Pyramid with some great friends, a week in Pagosa springs with family and that was good as well. A day trip here and there around the area filled in some gaps. Hoping the 2015 will offer more fishing opportunities than 2014 provided. I had several 4-6 week breaks between fishing days this past year, and that is unheard of for me, but sometimes life dictates things for you. Beth’s health is improving and I am very grateful for that.

We ended 2014 with 7 inches of the white stuff outside, but no pictures since my phone is sleeping with the fishes in Northern California. It is beautiful outside. Here is to a wonderful 2015. Happy New Year!!!