Custom flies proven to work on tailwaters like the San Juan River.

San Juan River Flies for Sale
If you are going to be fishing the San Juan River, we can get you set up for whatever time of year you will be fishing.

**I am very excited to be adding a new tier to the Roughrider Guide Flies family. Paul Asbell of Oak Creek Custom Rods is an amazing tier and I am pleased to be adding some of his creations to my website. Please check them out**

**New Flies**  **New Flies** **New Flies***

I have added some new Stillwater patterns on the bottom of this page. These flies, minus the Simi Seal Leeches, were developed for Pyramid Lake, Nevada, but can be used in pretty much any Stillwater. Check them out!!!

To order: Just give us a call or email, please specify the fly, color, size, and how many of each, and we will give you a delivery date and total price. We accept PayPal payments or a personal check. Your order will ship as soon as your check has cleared. Call or email for details.

All orders will be shipped by US mail, please allow 2 weeks before your trip, for your order to get to your door. If quicker shipment is required, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

All flies are tied with quality hooks and materials.

Emergers- Baetis  ~  2016 prices $1.70

Flash Baetis                                         Johnny Flash

22, 24 gray, brown, black, olive            20, 22 black, gray

CDC RS2  ~

gray, black, olive, brown~18-22

Emergers- Midge  ~  2016 prices $1.60

Antron Emerger~                                      Black Velvet Midge

black, olive, grey, brown 20-24                     Size 20, 22

Green Eyed Midge                                         KF Emerger

Crème, brown, gold, olive- 20-24         brown, black, gray, olive- 20-24

Chocolate Foam wing                                Shucka Khan Midge

Chocolate, black, olive, gray- 20,22         Chocolate, Rust- 20, 22

Nymphs- Midges  2016 prices $1.60

Pinkinator  ~  20, 22                                Copper Larvae 20-22

RC Larvae  ~  20, 22                             Mercury Red Larvae 20, 22

Olive Larvae size 20-22                           BM Emerger 22,24

White Head Midge                                 Green Hornet- 20, 22

Gray, wine, black, olive, brown 22, 24

Mottled Midge  ~  20, 22                    Zebra Midge- 20-24

Brown larvae  ~  20-24                           Miracle Midge- 20-24

Gold Larvae  ~  20-24                          Gunmetal Red Larvae- 20, 22

Buckskin Larvae- 20, 22                           A&W Larvae- 20, 22

Triple R Larvae  ~  22, 24                           OR Larvae- 22, 24

Double R Larvae  ~  22, 24                       B&B Midge- 20, 22

Grey Mercury Midge  ~  20. 22               Crème Larvae- 20-24

Shrimpy  ~  20. 22

Lake Patterns

Brown Wolley Bugger                                Hares Ear Nymph

Black, brown, olive- 8-14- $2.00          Tan, olive- 14-18 $1.70

Simi Seal Leeches                              Red UV Chironomid

Any color- size 8-16 $2.00                  Size- 14-18= $1.70

49er- size 12-18- $1.70                           Albino Wino (White Bead)

                                                                Size 12-18- $1.70

Olive and Wine- size 12-18- $1.70    Peacock and Red- 12-18- $1.70

Black and Wine- Size 12-18- $1.70       The Blurple- 12-18- $1.70

Paul Asbell Flies

Z-Wing Caddis $1.70                               Purple Passion Nymph

Tan, cinnamon, caddis green-14-18            Size 14-18  $1.70

Purple Bead Midge Nymph                    Purple Fat Albert Hopper

Size 14-18- $1.70                                        Size 8-12- $2.00

  Brown and Orange Hair Hopper

            Size 8-12-  $2.00

Email for other color combinations

Copper Midge- Size 16, 18- $1.70            Mr. Peanut Hopper

                                                                  Size 8-12- $2.00

Barred October Caddis                            Rainbow Warrior- size 14-18 $1.70

Size 8-14  $1.70

Extended Oct. Caddis                                October Caddis

Size 12, 14 $1.70                                      Size 8-14   $1.70

Cartoon Hopper

Cartoon Hopper                                      Purple BWO soft hackle

Size 8, 10, 12 $2.00                                      Size 14, 16 $1.70

Hares ear soft hackle                                        Holy Grail

Size 14, 16 $1.70                                       Size 14, 16 $1.70

Caddis Emerger

BWO Soft Hackle                                         Caddis Emerger

Size 14, 16 $1.70                                         Size 14,16 $1.70










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