Not much going on

It has been a coons age since I last reported a fishing trip. Not to say I have not fished since Pagosa Springs, but nothing all that exciting. Beth had lung cancer surgery the end of July. It was a tough pill to swallow, working through the whole process leading up to surgery and then post surgery. All signs are very positive and she is healing up nicely. Was very scary, most the uncertainty of it all. She is a tough lady and I knew she would pull through with flying colors.

I did take one trip to Lee’s Ferry with my buddy Paul. We had a pretty solid day, fishing was not off the charts, but pretty good. Oh and I went upriver with Charles one day. Fishing again was pretty darn good. Got some fish to eat some simi seal leeches, so that was cool.

The second weekend of September, I drove down to Phoenix and dove hunted two mornings with Iron Mike. It had been 8 years since I had shot a dove so was a little worried if I still had it. I ended up shooting 19 birds in two days, so not too shabby. I also shot my first Eurasian collared dove so that was cool. Also good to hang out with Mike for a days. He also knows his way around a bbq grill. Thanks buddy!

Hoping to get out again soon prior to going to California for a week with Beth. Maybe do a little pond fishing one of these weekends coming up.

Figured I would just toss in some random photos of some great people, great fish, and great times over the past several years.








Silver Creek with IM1



Merc brown



San Juan Dec 2012 003