Pagosa Springs

My wife and I spent a week in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Since being diagnosed with lung cancer and all the turmoil that goes along with that, we decided we needed a break. We drove up through the reservation, then through Cortez, Mancos, Durango and on to Pagosa. We stayed in a really nice resort right on a lake. When you receive news like she had, priorities seem to change and we have made a concerted effort to start enjoying our life together and this was the first step. The first couple of days we just hung around the resort, just enjoying spending time together. On Wednesday, we drove down to the San Juan and met up with my good friend, and guide, Chip. We did a full day float. This was Beth’s 2nd time fly fishing ever and boy did she do great. We did a few trips around the Texas Hole just to get her feet wet. She stuck a few, lost a few, and generally, got used to casting and mending. By the time we hit 3 island run, she had found her sea legs and her mojo. By the end of the trip she was catching as many, or more than I. Was so pleased to see her smiling and laughing, and just enjoying the moment. Because we were having so much fun, we only got a few pictures, but the memories will be burned into our memory for a lifetime.

The following day, my stepson and I drove back down and let the girls have a day to themselves. Andrew has only fly fished a handful of times himself, the last at Pyramid Lake 5 years ago. I had to undo a few wind knots, but other than that, he went off by himself at times and asked for no help. He killed it in the main channel for a solid hour and even taught me thing or two. Was fantastic fishing with him and I hope to do it again with him soon.

The following day, I set my sights on the one of the large grass carp that inhabited the lake behind our resort. I had been watching them daily and I was pumped to get one. I tied on a greenish colored simi seal leech and went after it. I spooked 4 before I was able to get one to eat, and eat he did. Took a solid 20 minutes to land the brute on my 5 wt. What a blast. Was cool that Andrew was there to witness it. Also caught a few Largemouth bass that morning as well.

The rest of the trip was about spending time with family We went to dinner a few times, played some miniature golf, and even did a little bait fishing (Shudder) and even that was fun. The best part of the trip was seeing my wife smile and relax and to see her face light up when she saw her son, that is what life is all about.